Airscape Expanded

Design Team: Emily Hayden, Sanaa Shaikh, Frank Xiong, Katherine Allen, Adam Shields, Annelise Haskell, Tatyana Moraczewski, Bahareh Javadi in collaboration with Thom Faulders

New Orleans, Louisiana



In 72 hours, with the help of Thom Faulders of Faulders Studio, we designed and fabricated an installation for Tulane's academic quad. The goal of this three day workshop was to occupy a substantial surface area of the common green space in front of campus buildings with an extensive temporary installation. Airscape Expanded explores a lightweight and efficient strategy for creating a large-scale public intervention integrating complex geometries with simple materials and techniques. The floating meshwork is constructed as a horizontal warped plane that hovers above ground using an on-site system of plotted points and a triangulated network of stretched interconnecting lines. The challenge is to delineate a visually reactive formation that frames adjacent buildings and spaces, responds to pedestrian access, and deploys agricultural bamboo stakes and survey flagging tape to cover as much area as possible in a short amount of time.