Design Team: Kyle Graham, Emily Hayden, Sam Naylor, Logan Leggett, Gavin West, Niki Esser, Eric Lynn, Jamie Park, Vincent Baudoin, Shelby Mills, Melinda Telford, Gianna Morelli, Ben Tinklenberg

New Orleans

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As part of Tulane School of Architecture's annual Architect's Weekend, our team of students worked with Hart Marlow of SU11 Design and Michael McCune of CASE Inc. on a full scale installation in Tulane's academic quad. The project was completed over the course of a weekend, with fabrication following a two day design and computation process. The project was intended to explore new methodologies, foster community within TSA's student body and to expose the student body at large to digital fabrication.

We focused on the design and fabrication of a canopy informed by dynamic site constraints. We tracked the shortcuts that students take on their way to classes and conceived of a structure to frame these pathways. This formation was used to generate a canopy with a symbiotic relationship between skin and structure. 

We engaged with a comprehensive workflow between multiple software platforms, utilizing their unique capabilities. The workflow began using Maya for early design concepts. Using the Dynamics Engine with Maya, we produced curve formations informed by site investigations that self assemble into a dynamic system. This system was then rationalized and prepared for fabrication using Grasshopper. We generated the output to fabricate the bent tube structure and any necessary jigs for assembly. The petals were parametrically derived, each unique, and CNC milled out of polycarbonate. 

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